5) After you are loaded/unloaded, please return to the Truck Parking area, back your truck in, and go to the "Main Office Check In" to receive your signed bills of lading. 

4) Once you have checked in, you will be assigned a door and will be loaded/unloaded as quickly as possible.

3191 County Lane 187 Carthage MO 64836 us

3) Check in is in Building B. There is a sign above the door that reads "Main Office Check In".

2) Proceed to the furthest North end of the lot and look for the sign labeled "Truck Parking" on the right (east) side. You will need to back in to the area on the north side of this sign. When you have done this, your truck will be facing East/West and you will be facing the building where you will check in.

1) When entering the yard, please maintain a 10 MPH speed limit. 

When delivering or picking up at our facility, there are a few things that you can do to make things go smoothly for everyone. Please follow these instructions for a better experience.